Pune: Amid speculations and family dynamics within the Pawar political dynasty, Yugendra Pawar, the son of Shriniwas Pawar and nephew of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, is showing signs of entering the political arena. Yugendra recently visited Sharad Pawar’s party office in Baramati, sparking conversations about his potential political ambitions.

“I came to the office to solve people’s problems,” Yugendra Pawar stated, emphasising his commitment to addressing local issues. He explained that during the election period, he encountered numerous questions from the public, which motivated him to increase his engagement with the people. “Contact with people has increased. So I am meeting people in the central office,” he added. He said, “For the past three to four years, I have been meeting people at Kanheri’s house, but now I find it more convenient to connect with people at the central office.”

When asked about his political aspirations, Yugendra responded, “I have not thought that far ahead; I will take the decision regarding it at the appropriate time.” He acknowledged that to advance in politics, one must actively work for the people and address their concerns.

Ajit Pawar had previously remarked that those actively campaigning for Supriya Sule would disappear after the elections. He went so far as to declare he would shave his moustache if these individuals remained in Baramati post-election. When questioned about this, Yugendra tactfully replied, “I am not that big enough to speak on Ajit Dada.” He elaborated on his local ties, mentioning his business activities and agricultural involvement in Baramati, reinforcing his commitment to the area.

“Earlier, we were all here; we were outside Baramati only for work purposes. I am here from Monday to Thursday. Now people have come to know about this,” Yugendra Pawar said, replying to Ajit Pawar’s criticism.

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