Billy Porter calls Tiffany Haddish a germaphobe


Los Angeles, Policenama Online – Actor Billy Porter left actress Tiffany Haddish horrified, when he ate using his hands, even though she knew they were clean.”It was the end of the evening, that pot roast was fierce — you know that kind of food that makes you want to throw your shoe at somebody? That,” Porter said on “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, reports added: “I had washed my hands, and she saw me do it! She’s a little germaphobe, so she made me take the potlicker home.””The Intern” actor had shared that Haddish took him on a night out to the strip joint Swinging Richards in Atlanta while filming “Like a Boss”.

He recalled there are “no limits” in the place.Porter shared that everyone screamed upon Haddish’s entrance to the raunchy nightclub.”She’s a comedian, and she’s been on the road with a lot of comedians — aka, male comedians. So when you walk into a strip club with Tiffany, you’re at the strip club with the strip club people.” “Now I’ve had my share of strip clubs, but you walk in with Tiffany and it’s like (yelling) ‘Tiffany Haddish is in the building!’ This is one of those strip clubs where you can see all the skin. There’s no limits. It was fun,” he said.

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