Mumbai : The People’s Vaccine Alliance on Thursday has said that the profits from the vaccine have made nine people in the world billionaires. This alliance has said in a report that the wealth of these nine people has increased by $ 19.3 billion (Rs 14 trillion) and this is enough to provide 1.3 times more vaccines than needed to many poor countries.

‘The People’s Vaccine Alliance’ is a group of various organizations and activists who are demanding the abolition of patent rights from vaccines. Also part of this alliance is an organization called Oxfam.

Oxfam’s Anna Marriott said, “These billionaires are the human face of the profits that pharmaceutical companies are making through the vaccine monopoly.” According to the alliance, in addition to these new billionaires, the wealth of the eight existing billionaires has increased by a total of $ 32.2 billion, or about 25 trillion rupees.

Topping the list of new billionaires are Stephen Bansel of pharmaceutical company Moderna and Ugur Saheen of BioNtech. Three other new billionaires are the founders of China’s vaccine company Cancino Biologics. The figures of these new nine billionaires are based on data found in Forbes’ rich people list.

List of new billionaires
The list of new billionaires includes Moderna CEO Stephen Bansal ($ 4.3 billion), BioNotech CEO Ugur Sahin ($ 4 dollars), Moderna’s founding investor Timothy Springer ($ 2.2 billion), Moderna’s chairman Naubar Affayan ($ 1.9 billion), ROVI President Juan Lopez Belmonte ($ 1.8 billion).

As well as Moderna’s founding investor Robert Langer ($ 1.6 billion), Cansino Biologics Co-Founder Zhu Tao ($ 1.3 billion), Cancino Biologics Senior Vice President Qiu Dongxu ($ 1.2 billion) and Cansino Biologics Senior Vice President and Co-Founder Mao Huinhoa (one billion dollars).

Poonawala owns 12.7 billion

Serum Institute of India founder Cyrus Poonawalla’s wealth rose from $ 8.2 billion last year to $ 12.7 billion in 2021 and Pankaj Patel, chairman of Cadila Healthcare, grew from $ 2.9 billion last year to $ 5 billion this year.

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