Humans Have Created Coronavirus!, Claims Nobel Laureate Scientist


New Delhi : Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world. The US and China are targeting each other over this deadly virus. Who is right and who is wrong, it is difficult to determine. Because US & China, both can go to any extent to prove their point. But still it is important to get to the bottom of the secret of Corona. The question is natural that how did this virus reach humans? From bats or the mistake of an intern working at Wuhan Lab in China?

The claim of France’s Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier is certainly shocking. But if you listen to his arguments, then you will also understand the logic of this claim. Although this is his opinion. But it is important to listen to such scientists who have been awarded the Nobel Prize for identifying the virus in medicine. On the basis of his experience, Luc Montagnier believes that the elements of HIV in the genome of COVID-19 have been found and some malaria elements have also been found in it. Which proves that the coronavirus has been originated in a lab and it is a virus made by humans.

In an interview to France’s CNews Channel, HIV researcher and French scientist Luc Montagnier aid that, in an attempt to make the vaccine of the HIV virus causing AIDS disease, this highly infectious and deadly virus has been prepared. That is why the genome of Novel Coronavirus is expected to contain elements of HIV and even some elements of malaria. SARS-CoV-2 is a manipulated and mixed virus that was accidentally released from Wuhan’s lab.

It is being said that Chinese scientists in Wuhan lab were using Coronavirus to make AIDS vaccine. That is why in early investigations, HIV RNA fragments were found in the SARS-CoV-2 genome. However, this has not been confirmed yet. But these claims cannot be denied outright. Because this claim belongs to a senior scientist doing research on the virus. Dr. Luc believes that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is an expert in making such viruses and since the year 2000, there has been research going on such viruses.

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