Pune: In the wake of the tragic accident in Kalyani Nagar that claimed two lives, local authorities have initiated stringent actions against pubs and bars across Pune. The State Excise Department has targeted Ballr Pub in Kalyani Nagar after a case was filed against it two days ago. Following an inspection, officials discovered that the pub was not adhering to regulations, leading to its immediate sealing and the revocation of its permit room license. This action was carried out by the State Excise Department’s ‘A’ Division.

The crackdown was ordered by the District Collector upon discovering that Ballr Pub was flouting rules. Under the guidance of Superintendent Charansingh Rajput, a team consisting of Inspector Vasant Kausadikar, Sub-Inspectors Rohit Mane and Virendra Chaudhary, and police constables Shridhar Takalkar, Vikas Gholekar, Shivaji Shinde, Masalkar, and Pacharne conducted a raid on Saturday night at 11 PM.

The aftermath of the Kalyani Nagar accident has put pub and bar owners on high alert, with the administration maintaining strict surveillance. Any violations result in the immediate revocation of licenses.

Inspector Vasant Kausadikar said, “In the past two months, six cases have been registered against Ballr, but despite our actions, they continued to operate. However, following the fatal accident in Kalyani Nagar, we have taken stringent action by sealing the pub and revoking their license.”

In response to the Kalyani Nagar incident, the State Excise Department’s Pune Division has launched a robust campaign involving 14 teams. This operation has resulted in actions against more than 49 pubs and bars across the city and district, with cases filed and establishments being sealed.

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