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Policenama ARIES: Wish of buying new home will finish, family will help you, and you will grow in business.

TAURUS: Cancel your travel plan, chances of getting loss in business, you will grow in business. Financially you will improve.

VIRGO: Long pending work will complete, try to complete wish of your family.

LEO: Be safe from your close people, they might give you some problem. You will feel depress.

GEMINI: Focus on your work, don’t trust on others, some of your work will not complete.

CANCER: Work hard in your field, wish of buying new shop will complete, take care in financial deal.

LIBRA: Family will think on buying new vehicle, new responsibility in work will finish.

SAGITTARIUS:  Good news will give you, some happiness; first finish your important work.

CAPRICORN: Do not be over excited, while taking decision. Invest in land deal, take care of your health.

AQUARIUS: You will get new contract, some problem will arise in your family. You have to borrow money.

Scorpio: May some religious work will happen by your hand, donate some book to childrens.

PISCES: Some complication will arise in your relationship, new work will complete.

With Astrologist- R.H.Soni
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