Another Major Shock to China, Now Ban On Import Of Color TV Sets


New Delhi : India is constantly giving shocks to China on the economic front. Now the Indian government has banned the import of color television sets. Color televisions were imported from China on a large scale. But now the government has banned it with immediate effect.

The government says that this step has been taken for the purpose of promoting domestic production. A ban on imports will strengthen Make in India. But this decision of India is going to cause a big loss to China.

Changes in television import rules
According to news agency PTI, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said in a notification that the import policy of color television has been changed, now it has been put in the restricted category. The government says that imports of non-essential goods from countries like China have to be reduced.

After placing any product in a restricted category, now the businessman who imports that goods will have to get a license for import from DGFT under the Ministry of Commerce.

India imports Color television from these countries
China is the largest exporter of color TV in India. It is followed by countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Germany.

Significantly, after the antics of Chinese forces on the border, an atmosphere of tension has been created against China in the country. Last month 59 apps were banned including TikTok, We Chat, after which it was decided to discontinue 47 Chinese apps again. Not only this, many tenders received by Chinese companies in India were cancele

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