Pune : In the Kalyaninagar ‘Hit and Run’ case, shocking news has come to the fore. In this regard, Deputy Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Sanjeev Bhor has said that the expensive car that rammed a two wheeler on Sunday midnight has been brought from other state. He said that the car was brought in March after temporarily registering it. However, as the vehicle owner did not pay the tax for two months, the vehicle could not get the number from the RTO.

After this, people have started asking many questions regarding how the car owner’s son drove the car with no registration number. Also, if the owner did not pay the tax for two months, why has the car not been impounded by authorities? It is said that RTO’s utter negligence in this case led to the loss of two lives.

The Deputy Regional Transport Officer, Sanjeev Bhor, said that if the car had been sold in Maharashtra, it would have been registered by the dealer here. And in this case, dealers do not do the temporary registration. As the car was registered temporarily, it is clear that it has come from abroad.

“When the car comes from a foreign state, the dealer there does a temporary registration for the other state. A vehicle without a number can be brought into another state on this temporary registration. But if it is to be driven on the road, it cannot be brought without a temporary or permanent registration,” Bhor informed further.

Bhor informed that the car owner paid the registration fee in March but did not pay the vehicle tax. Therefore, until the vehicle owner pays the vehicle tax, it is not assigned a number by the RTO.

According to the rules, a temporary registration was granted by a foreign state, but the native dealer is responsible for the registration of the vehicle once the car comes into the state. As the Mumbai-based dealer who booked the vehicle did not register the vehicle within a required time, the minor has driven the car without a number plate but without registration.

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