Pune Crime News | Pappu Kudle of the notorious Gaja Marne gang threatens to chop off man's hand
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Pune : Policenama onlinePune Crime News | A man took Rs 10 lakh from Gajanan Marne Gang’s Pappu Kudle, whom he met while in Yerwada Jail. It was learnt that even after returning Rs 21 lakh, criminal Kudle threatened to cut off his hand if he didn’t pay interest of Rs 20 lakh. (Pune Crime News)


In this regard, a 38-year-old youth from Sangvi has filed a complaint at the Yerwada Police Station. Accordingly, the police have filed an FIR against Atul alias Pappu Kudle from Dattawadi, Bandal, Balaji aka Bhaiyya Kadam. The incident took place on January 5, 2023 at Gunjan Chowk in Yerwada.


According to the police, the complainant was arrested in a fraud case. He was sent to Yerwada Jail after getting judicial custody. There he met Kudle two years ago. All the accused are criminals belonging to the Gaja Marne gang. Police arrested 22 people, including Gaja Marne, Pappu Kudle and Mandar Bandal in connection with the murder of gangster Amol Badhe of Nilesh Ghaiwal Gang. All were acquitted in this case in February 2021.


Earlier, the complainant was in Yerawada Jail. He had taken Rs 10 lakh from Kudle after his release from jail. In return, the complainant had paid Rs 21 lakhs. Still, Kudle was demanding interest of Rs 20 lakhs. When the complainant and his friends were travelling in a car at 1.30 pm on January 5, the gang attacked them at Gunjan Chowk, Yerwada. Complainant and his friends were beaten and forced into a car. They snatched Rs 82,000 from the complainant’s pocket. Then after asking the complainant to get down from the car, they threatened to cut off his hand, if he did not pay the interest. The complainant rushed to the police and lodged a complaint. The Yerwada police are investigating further.


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