Pune: There have been almost 10 to 11 months since the split in the Nationalist Congress Party. However, some of the party activists still did not clearly express their stand. In one meeting, they took part in Ajit Pawar’s campaign, and the next time, they were seen in Sharad Pawar’s meeting. Yesterday, Ajit Pawar issued a stern admonition to such party activists who are playing both sides of the fence.

Ajit Pawar said, “I see some activists coming to my meeting and also going to theirs (Sharad Pawar) when they come to the meeting.” He warned activists to choose one side and not to have a foot in both camps. He said, “If the party worker falters to whom I gave respect and positions, then they have to reckon with Ajit Pawar.”

Speaking in Shirsuphal village in Baramati constituency, Ajit Pawar spoke on many issues. He further took jabs at Sharad Pawar on his statement on original Pawar and outsider Pawar. He appealed to voters that, till this time, they have been voting for daughter, but this time to vote for daughter-in-law. He also said that to develop the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, it is needed to elect Sunetra Pawar this time.

“We know what the previous MP did. Now people in the state government and central government are in good touch with me. They will not let my word go down if development is started in the constituency, and they will also give us funds. It is necessary to bring funds from the centre as the state funds are falling short,” Ajit Pawar added.

Ajit Pawar also stressed that the Krishna Nira Bhima River Interconnection Work is in progress, and Krishna basin water is brought into the Nira River, and from the Nira river, it is going to be released into the Bhima river at Ujani dam. At that time, Ajit Pawar appealed to people to vote on the basis of development.

He said, “Earlier, I also used to criticise Modi. But the actual development has been done by Modi. The opponents say that 71 thousand crores of loans have been waived in the country, but how much has the state benefited from it? Check this figure once. I do not claim that I do all the work, but I have done some personal work, and you also know that.”

Ajit Pawar further said that some people will get emotional, but he advised people not to get emotional and vote where they would see the development.

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