Pune: In the last campaign meeting for the Baramati Lok Sabha elections before the constituency vote on May 7, Ajit Pawar got furious over critics who asked him about his performance while he was the guardian minister of Pune. At that time, he lashed out at people. Ajit Pawar said, “The MLAs of Bhor constituency did not make a simple bus service for villages in Bhor Taluka, and they asked me what I did when I was the guadian mister.”

He further lambasted, saying, “Just because I am listening, I am not free to listen to anything.”

He appealed to the people of Bhor to elect his wife Sunetra Pawar in this election and assured them that if Sunetra Pawar won the election, he along with his wife would do the all-round development of Bhor-Velhe-Mulshi taluka.

Today is the last day for campaigning in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, and on this occasion, Ajit Pawar took the last campaign meeting for his wife, Sunetra Pawar, in Bhor Taluka of Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. In this meeting, he also took jabs at Supriya Sule and Bhor constituency assembly MLA Sangram Thopte.

Ajit Pawar extolled his own developmental work in Baramati. At that time, he also challenged people to show him similar developmental work like Baramati in other parts of the state. He said, “Other people are not mad who speak about Baramati’s development. You have to take care of the assembly constituency like your home; then only this kind of development happens.”

He assured people at this time that once they elect his candidate, it will become easier for him to bring the funds for development from the centre. Furthermore, as the government in the state is of Shiv Sena, the BJP, and the NCP, he also assured cooperation from his partner parties at the state government level in the development of Baramati.

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