Pune: The third phase of Lok Sabha elections, including the highly anticipated battle in Baramati constituency, draws to a close today amid escalating tensions over campaign venues. This election marks a historic moment as two contenders from the Pawar family face off for the first time, intensifying the political drama in Baramati.

An unexpected twist in the campaign unfolds as rivalries erupt over the location of the concluding campaign meeting. Traditionally hosted by Sharad Pawar, this year Ajit Pawar organised a rally at the usual venue, prompting a change in plans by Sharad Pawar. The clash escalates as accusations fly between the two factions.

Addressing the controversy, Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharadchandra Pawar and MLA Rohit Pawar express frustration over the alleged usurpation of their political space. Rohit Pawar asserts that while opponents may seize physical party symbols and political machinery, they cannot undermine the enduring support for Sharad Pawar among party members and the public.

Confident in their prospects, Rohit Pawar predicts a strong showing for the Mahavikas Aghadi, expecting to secure 35 seats in the upcoming election. Reflecting on the rift within the Pawar family, Rohit Pawar attributes Ajit Pawar’s alignment with the BJP to personal motives and external pressures.

Amidst the political turmoil, Rohit Pawar underscores Supriya Sule’s advocacy for Maharashtra’s welfare in Parliament and acknowledges Sunetra Pawar’s maternal role in his life. However, he laments the transformation of familial relationships in the realm of politics, citing the necessity to oppose those who diverge from the family’s values.

When asked about the prospect of reconciliation within the Pawar family, Rohit Pawar remains uncertain, asserting his commitment to uphold the family’s political legacy amidst the current divisive landscape.

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