Sharad Mohol | Sharad Mohol, seven others acquitted in kidnapping, extortion and attempt to murder case
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Pune: In the investigation of the notorious gangster Sharad Mohol’s murder, the special MCOCA judge, V. R. Kakar, has approved an additional eight days of police custody for all seven accused, including the prime suspects Vitthal Shelar and Ganesh Marne. The decision was made in today’s hearing, where the Special Public Prosecutor, Pramod Bombatkar, argued for the extension, emphasising the need to delve deeper into the conspiracy, preparation, and execution of the crime.

Bombatkar asserted that the prime accused, Shelar and Marne, held a crucial meeting prior to Mohol’s murder, signifying a premeditated plan. He pointed out that joint investigations involving all accused are pending, warranting an extension for a comprehensive examination of the case. The Assistant Police Commissioner, Sunil Tambe, echoed these arguments, citing the ongoing special investigations as grounds for prolonging the custody period.

The accused, including Vitthal Shelar, Sahil alias Munna Polekar, Namdev Kangude, Amar Kangude, Chandrakant Shelke, Vinayak Gavankar, and Vitthal Gandhale, have been in police custody for the past eight days. After hearing arguments from both sides, Judge Kakar granted the extension, extending custody until February 9.

Sunil Tambe informed the court that all 16 accused have been apprehended, emphasising that the police are actively exploring the financial dispute angle in the case. Details such as property acquisitions by the accused are yet to be investigated, which is considered the main reason behind the crime.

However, the accused’s lawyer, Ketan Kadam, contested the extension, expressing concern over the evolving theories presented by the police. Kadam argued that ample time had been granted for the investigation, accusing the police of diverting attention from the primary inquiry. He urged the court not to provide further chances to the police and advocated for the accused to be granted the minimum police custody.

Despite the defence’s objection, the special judge decided in favour of the extension, endorsing eight more days of police custody for the accused. As the investigation intensifies, the accused will remain under police custody until February 9.

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