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Pune Crime News | Notorious criminal Vivek Yadav detained for one year under MPDA Act

PUNE : Pune Crime News | The police commissioner has taken detainment action against notorious criminal Vivek Bablu…

ByBynageshsuryaJun 16, 2023

Pune Crime News | Loni Kalbhor: Man found driving car with fake number plate due to accident

PUNE : Pune Crime News | Many people change the number plates of their vehicles to prevent any…

ByBynageshsuryaJun 7, 2023

Pune Crime News | Fake number plate car driver nabbed accidentally

Pune : Pune Crime News | Many vehicle owners change the registration numbers of their vehicles to dodge…

ByBynageshsuryaJun 7, 2023
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Pune Crime News | Loni Kalbhor police station: FIR of molestation and under Atrocity Act registered against former sarpanch

PUNE: Pune Crime News | An FIR under the Atrocity Act has been registered against a former sarpanch…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 20, 2023

Local residents accuse PSI Vaibhav More of Loni Kalbhor police station of mercilessly assaulting minor boy

PUNE: Local resident Santosh Baburao Bhosale has alleged that PSI Vaibhav More mercilessly assaulted a minor boy at…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 17, 2023
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