These are tricks to make notes, save documents and links in Whatsapp


In WhatsApp, many people save important messages, important links, images, or any document, send it to their friend as a message so that they can retrieve it when they need it because this process is very easy. For this, you have to adopt the option of chatting with yourself.

In the instant messaging app, there are two processes for chatting, the first of which is completed by the processor computer and the second can be done by process mobile phone. Go to the Chrome browser in the first process. After this, type wa. me// in the address bar, then enter your country code (the country code of India is 91) and type your mobile number.

 After this, open the browser and download WhatsApp web will be written in the browser. After clicking on the WhatsApp web, you will find your own chatting screen open. After this, message Hi by typing. Now open WhatsApp on your phone, you will see your own chatting on it.

Mobile is another way to create your own chat box in WhatsApp. For this, you have to create a group with one person and after forming the group, remove that other contact from the group. By doing this, you will only be saved in that group and then you can use it to save your important messages, important links, images, or any document.

Many photos and videos are sent by others on WhatsApp and are automatically downloaded, which consumes internet data. But you can turn it off if you want. For this, you have to go to settings and go to chat and from there you can change the settings.

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