Forbes List | Pune’s Pratima Joshi in Forbes powerful women’s list


Pune : Policenama online – The Forbes magazine has listed Pune-based architect and social entrepreneur Pratima Joshi as a powerful woman for her innovative step of assigning a unique digital address to each and every slum house in seven cities of Maharashtra. (Forbes List)


She derived this system with the help of Goggle, based on longitudinal and latitudinal location. She felt its necessity in her endeavor to enhance the living conditions of the slum dwellers through her NGO named Shelter Associates.


“It’s a game-changer for people living in the slums and also for the government,” she says. Joshi and her team have been engaged in mapping Maharashtra’s slums since the early 1990s.


Pune, alone, has around 450 settlements with 1.5 lakh households. “It took us eight years to collect the first tranche of data from Pune,” recalls Joshi. When Google Earth technology became available in 2005, the team