Lockdown will not Extend Anymore After May 3!, Government has Prepared These Plans


New Delhi : The second phase of lockdown has started in the country against Corona infection, which will continue till 3 May. Meanwhile, the central government has released a new lockdown guideline tomorrow. During this, government released instructions to give conditional exemption in some important things, in which now it will depend on the state governments how to take further steps. However, the Center has made it clear that the state governments will not relax the guidelines related to the lockdown in any way in their areas.

In the midst of all this, according to government sources, the central government is not in the mood to extend the lockdown after May 3. At the same time, the plan after the end of the lockdown has also been prepared. According to media reports, the lockdown will be gradually removed after May 3 and though certain conditions will be kept for this. According to the information, the areas in Red and Orange zones will not get this exemption at present.

Plans Prepared by the Government –
– Approval for movement within the city only in areas with green zone.

– Social distancing and masks will be a part of people’s everyday lifestyle. It can be kept mandatory for a long time.

– You can get freedom to leave the house, but have to wear a mask and take care of distance from each other.

– Work can be allowed in offices keeping in mind the social distancing.

– After 3 May, public utility shops can also be given relief with certain conditions.

– After the end of the lockdown, areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Indore will be monitored. Here some rules of lockdown will have to be followed at the moment.

Restrictions may Continue on ‘These’ Even Further –
– Even after 3 May, transportation through train, plane might not start at the moment. No decision has been taken on this yet.

– There will be complete ban on gathering of crowd at one place.

– Relief cannot be given at present for places wedding ceremony, gathering at religious places. You may have to take written permission from the DM for the maximum number of guests that will come to a wedding. Sources say that only after a better calculation of the condition of Corona in the country after May 15, further strategy will be decided.

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