Maharashtra | 12-year-old student commits suicide in Vasai, shocking reason revealed


Policenama online –  Vasai : A surprising case has come to light from Samarth Ramdas Nagar, Manikpur police station area of Maharashtra Vasai. On Monday evening, a mother shouted at her 12-year-old son because he was not studying. After this, the boy committed suicide in anger. At present the police are investigating the matter.

The name of the deceased is Shubham Shiv Prasad (12). He was living with his parents in the East view Apartment in Samarth Ramdas Nagar. He was in fifth grade and was only child. On Monday evening, when his mother shouted at him for studies, he got angry. Shortly after, Shubham went to the bedroom and committed suicide by hanging from the fan. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot. His body has been sent for post-mortem.

After Shubham’s suicide, there is panic in the entire area. Even before this, cases of child suicide have been reported in Vasai. Many have taken such a step for trivial reasons. Clinical psychologist Swapnil Bhopi said that parents should pay attention to the changes in the behaviour of children. Parents need to be alert if their behaviour changes over a long period of time.

What are the reasons behind children committing suicide?

Many young children are facing these mental problems and they are not able to get themselves out of it.

If they fail the exam or because of family problems, they may contemplate suicide.

They believe that if they commit suicide then their worries will end forever.

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