Maharashtra Monsoon Session | MLA Siddharth Shirole Advocates for Glycophosphate Use to Clear Rivers of Hyacinth


MUMBAI – Maharashtra Monsoon Session | In a recent session of the Legislative Assembly, MLA Siddharth Shirole made a compelling demand for the state government to permit the use of glycophosphate in appropriate quantities to address the issue of water hyacinth in rivers across the state.

Citing a successful experiment conducted by Chandrasekhar Bhadsawle, where glyphosate was effectively used to remove water hyacinth from a river in Uttan, Thane district, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has endorsed this method to cleanse other water hyacinth -infested rivers as well. However, the Maharashtra Pollution Board currently prohibits the use of glycophosphate.

MLA Shirole emphasized that when used in regulated quantities, glycophosphate does not pose a threat to the health of citizens. By allowing its controlled application, many rivers in the state could be rid of aquatic life, thereby improving the overall health and ecological balance of these water bodies.

During the Legislative Assembly session, MLA Shirole urged the Minister to issue clear instructions in favor of utilizing glycophosphate for this purpose. Responding to the demand, Minister Uday Samant assured MLA Shirole of convening a meeting in Pune soon to discuss the matter further.

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