Pimpri Chinchwad Police

Pimpri Chinchwad : A troubling video has emerged, shedding light on the flourishing of illegal businesses within the industrial hub of Chakan. The footage captures illicit activities taking place in plain sight, raising questions about the efficacy of law enforcement in curbing such operations. The viral video, recorded at Talegaon Chowk in Chakan, depicts clandestine gambling activities, specifically matka, being conducted within a room adjacent to the road.

Chakan, renowned for its industrial prowess, hosts a myriad of prominent companies from India and abroad. The influx of workers from various regions, including Maharashtra, has contributed to the area’s vibrancy. However, the proliferation of illegal enterprises poses a threat to the safety and well-being of the working-class populace, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The disconcerting aspect of the viral video is its proximity to the Chakan traffic police station, raising suspicions about the vigilance of law enforcement personnel. Despite the presence of police patrols in Chakan Chowk, the apparent disregard for the illegal activities prompts scrutiny into the adequacy of policing efforts.

Moreover, murmurs within the community suggest that similar illicit businesses may be operating within the jurisdiction of the Mhalunge police station. As concerned citizens await the response of the police, there is a palpable sense of apprehension regarding the prevalence of unlawful enterprises in Chakan.

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