Pune Crime News | Significant reduction in crime due to Kasba Peth bypoll
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Pune : Two murder incidents have taken place in the Katraj and Laxminarayan theatre areas of the city, while other parts of the city are gearing up for the Lok Sabha elections. In this incident, a vegetable vendor was killed by hitting stones and bricks on his head in the Dattanagar area of Katraj. The investigation revealed that the murder was due to a dispute over a vegetable-selling business.

On Sunday, another incident involving the killing of one person in the area of Lakshminarayan Theatre came to light. In this case, the identity of the murdered person has not been ascertained, but the accused himself appeared at the police station and confessed to the crime.

The murdered vegetable seller has been identified as Vilas Jaywant Bandal (age 52), a resident of Trimurti Residency, near Wonder City, Katraj. The incident came to light on Sunday evening when Bandal was killed by hitting stones and bricks on his head near the Dattanagar bus stand on the Katraj Bypass. In this regard, Abhishek Vilas Bandal (age 24) has filed a complaint at Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station.

On getting information about this incident, Deputy Commissioner of Police Smartana Patil, Senior Police Inspector Dashrath Patil, and Crime Branch Inspector Sharad Zine rushed to the spot. The police immediately started an investigation.

A preliminary investigation has revealed that Bandal was killed due to a dispute over the vegetable sales business. A case has been registered against two people in this matter, and the accused, who have escaped from the scene, are being searched by the police. Further investigation is being conducted by Assistant Police Inspector Pardeshi into the matter.

In a separate incident, another man was killed by hitting a cement block on his head near Lakshminarayan Cinema, which came to light on Sunday, May 5, at around 4.30 p.m. The identity of the murdered person has not been ascertained.

The police have expressed suspicion that the murdered person is a wanderer. In this case, Gautam Ghanshyam Turupmare (age 36), a resident of Firasta Market Yard, appeared at the Market Yard Police Station and confessed the crime.

According to the police information, beggars take shelter in the subway near Lakshminarayan Cinema. Some take drugs in the subway. The police have expressed suspicion that the murder took place due to an argument during the intoxication of drugs. The accused, Gautam, is a labourer. The police informed that he was a wanderer. Further investigation is being conducted by Police Sub-Inspector Kamble.

The police have registered a case of murder against him and arrested him. Police constable Kishor Pote has filed a complaint against the accused at Parvati police station.

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