Pune: “They will not talk about why inflation was not reduced. They will ignore why unemployment is increasing. If you ask them why the suicides of farmers have not stopped, they will put their hands on their ears. If you ask why violence against women has increased, they will close their eyes. We have seen such a blind, dumb, and deaf government in the last ten years.” Ravindra Dhangekar, the Congress candidate for the Pune Lok Sabha constituency, criticised PM Modi’s speech in Pune today. He further said that the people of the country do not want such a government anymore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting in Pune on Monday, April 29. On this, while addressing the questions asked by the journalists, Ravindra Dhangekr criticised the central government’s policies of the last 10 years. He said, “There was nothing new in Modi’s speech. His speech does not get complete without talking about senior leader Sharad Pawar. They do not talk about development. They remain silent on rising inflation and unemployment.”

He further asked Modi what happened to his promises, which he gave to people when he came into power in 2014. PM Modi promised to provide 2 crore jobs per year, to deposit 15 lakh rupees in everyone’s account, to close all tolling booths, and to make petrol and gas cheaper. However, the public has now understood the trickery of the Modi government, which came to power by making such false promises,” added Dhangekar.

Dhangekar also rebuked the central government over the rising prices of daily commodities such as petrol and gas cylinders, which are basic needs of middle-class individuals. He said, “The price of 50 rupees of petrol rose to Rs 110. Furthermore, 400 rupees of gas reach 1200 rupees. Modi has never come down to the streets to see what the common people have to suffer because of this.”

He attacked Modi, saying, “Holding meetings and making speeches does not mean mixing with people. In the last 10 years, he has never mingled with people. What’s more, he has not held a single press conference in these 10 years.” Ravindra Dhangekar said that even though he has bought many news channels, he is still afraid of facing journalists’ questions.

He further said, “Demonetization and the wrong implementation of GST have broken the backs of thousands of small and big traders. Many had to close their businesses. Many committed suicide. Even before Corona came to our country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi informed the Modi government through a letter that ‘Take care of the people; Corona is spreading all over the world’. But the central government ignored it. As a result, millions of people in the country died. In these ten years, this government has only done the work of increasing religious tensions.”

Dhangekar said that the voters will teach them lessons in the coming election.

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