CM Eknath Shinde | CM to participate in the global conference at Davos
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Pune: Yesterday, a public meeting of Prime Minister Modi took place on the race course ground in Pune for the campaign of four candidates from Pune districts. While speaking in this meeting, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde targeted opponents and appealed to people to vote for Mahayuti candidates.

He said, “Under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country is confidently advancing ahead in development. Many presidents and heads of foreign countries also applaud the working style of Modi. He will also fulfil the promise of making the nation a superpower.” At that time, the CM also said that this battle is not between Mahayuti and the Mahavikas Aghadi but between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, who is defaming the country abroad.

A meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was organised at the Race Course Ground for the campaigning of Pune Lok Sabha Mahayuti candidate Muralidhar Mohol, Baramati candidate Sunetra Pawar, Shirur candidate Shivajirao Adharao Patil, and Maval candidate Shrirang Barne. At that time, many people and activists from parties were present in large numbers.

Again relying on the tried and tested tactic of facing the elections under Modi Brand, Shinde was again seen yesterday taking that line ahead. At that time, he praised the Modi government for its work and its achievements in the last 10 years, and he further rebuked the Congress Party for its ineffectiveness in the last 60 years.

CM Shinde said, “People are eager to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time and said that all the meetings of Modi’s in the state are breaking records in terms of people’s presence.” He said that Modi’s style of working is like ‘Prana Jaye par Vachan na Jaye’ (one must keep one’s promise come what may).

“He removed Section 370 from the Constitution. He built the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Modiji is a pure patriot, and he will also fulfil the promise of making the nation a superpower. Modi’s guarantee works in this country. On the contrary, Congress has sunk the country in sixty years,” Shinde added. Shinde also emphasised that this election is for the development of the country. Therefore, voting for Mahayuti’s candidates means voting for Modi.

He attacked the Congress party, saying, “The Congress Party exploited the country when it was in power. But Modiji has not a single strain of corruption against him. This is a Modi Guarantee.” He said that on May 7 and 13, the voters will press buttons in front of Mahayuti’s candidates and will puncture the baloon of the opposition.

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