Pune: Drug Trafficking Case! Mastermind Pappu Qureshi’s Police Custody Extended for 6 More Days


Pune: A few days ago, Pune police busted an extensive drug racket in the Pune and Delhi areas. This action was applauded across the country. In this case, the Pune Police Crime Branch had recently apprehended a prime culprit, Pappu Qureshi. Qureshi was a key player in supplying raw materials for the manufacturer of mephedrone. In this action, Pune Police have seized 82.150 grams of mephedrone worth Rs. 16,43,000 from a rented warehouse in Pune and Delhi.

The prime accused in the mephedrone smuggling case, Mohammed, alias Pappu Qutub Qureshi, a resident of Kesnand, was recently detained by Pune Police from the Yadgir area of Karnataka. Qureshi was accused of supplying and storing 82.150 grams of mephedrone worth Rs. 16,43,000 in rented warehouses across the country. Pune Police also arrested his accomplices Haider Shaikh, Ashok Mandal, Sandeep Dhunia, and Shoaib Shaikh in connection with their alleged involvement in the case.

Qureshi’s police custody expired on Tuesday. When he was produced in court for a hearing of his extended police custody, the public prosecutor, Advocate Neelima Ithape-Yadav, pointed out that Qureshi was supplying raw materials to manufacture mephedrone at a factory in Kurkumbh Industrial Estate. She further added that Qureshi was entrusted with the responsibility of distributing mephedrone in Sangli, Delhi, and other parts of the country.

Therefore, she requested the extension of his police custody in order to trace the possibility of his connections with similar drug rackets elsewhere in the country. The public prosecutor further argued that when police raided a warehouse in Delhi, they found that drugs were stored in blue drums. Therefore, she said that the police need extra time to investigate how these drums were sent to Delhi. Did Qureshi store the same drugs elsewhere in the country? and his alleged involvement with other drug peddlers.

After hearing the arguments from both sides, First Class Judicial Magistrate A. C. Birajdar extended Qureshi’s police custody by six days.

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