Tragic Love Triangle: Schoolboy Stabbed to Death in Pune’s Manerwadi Village


Pune: In Manerwadi village in the Sinhagad Road area, a 14-year-old schoolboy, Prakash Harisingh Rajput, was brutally stabbed to death with a machete, allegedly over a love affair. The Haveli police, swiftly responding to the distress call, have detained two schoolboys in connection with the heinous crime.

Prakash’s mother, Anita Harisingh Rajput, filed a complaint with the Haveli police station in this regard. Hailing from Asangi village in Jat taluka of Sangli district, the Rajput family resided in the workers’ quarters of Anandavan Society in Manerwadi, where Anita is employed. Tragically, Prakash, a ninth-grade student at a school in Khanapur, fell victim to the cruel hands of fate on Monday evening.

The normal routine of Prakash’s post-school hours was shattered when two fellow schoolboys, living adjacent to his residence, ruthlessly attacked him with a sharp weapon while he lay in slumber. Despite the valiant efforts of concerned neighbours who immediately rushed Prakash to the hospital, the severity of his injuries proved fatal, resulting in his tragic demise during treatment.

Upon receiving notification of the gruesome incident, Senior Police Inspector Sachin Wangde and his team from the Haveli Police Station swiftly descended upon the scene to commence their investigation. Preliminary inquiries unveiled a chilling motive behind the senseless act: Prakash’s alleged involvement in a love triangle.

The perpetrators, initially evasive during questioning, eventually confessed to their heinous deeds under intense interrogation. It emerged that a fellow schoolgirl, residing in proximity to Prakash’s residence, had severed ties with the accused duo following Prakash’s admonishment against associating with them. This snub reportedly incited resentment and vindictiveness amongst the accused, culminating in a sinister plot to eliminate Prakash from their lives.

Accordingly, both accused brutally stabbed Prakash when he was in a deep sleep, which led to his tragic demise.

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