Pune News | Potholes, Muddy Mess and Boundary Disputes; PMC Unable to resolve Road Woes of Lohgaon-Nagar


Pune: Pune News | The road connecting Lohgaon to Nagar Road through the Forest Park area has turned into a muddy mess due to boundary disputes in the Patilwasti locality. Despite the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) approving funds for the road’s development, the much-needed asphalting work has come to a halt as local residents continue to wrangle over boundary issues. This crucial road, slated to be 24 meters wide according to the development plan, remains unexpanded, and the presence of numerous potholes has compounded the problem, leaving drivers struggling to traverse the deteriorating route.

The road project, initially a beacon of hope for enhanced connectivity and smooth commuting, has been bogged down by the inability to resolve boundary disputes in the Patilwasti area. The accumulation of rainwater in the potholes has added to the woes, leaving the road in a perpetually muddy state. Exasperated citizens are now urging the municipal administration to intervene and expedite efforts to address the impasse.

The Road Department of the Municipal Corporation allocated a significant sum of Rs. 83 lakhs for the road’s development. Citizens are demanding that these funds be promptly utilized to asphalt the road and provide much-needed relief to commuters. If the administration can mediate the boundary disputes and heed the demands of the local residents, the road’s predicament can be resolved.

Additionally, the road’s development holds even greater significance as it is poised to serve as an alternative route when the road from Air Force to Lohgaon closes for airport expansion. As this route connects Lohgaon to Nagar Road, widening and developing it would provide a vital alternative for the citizens. Consequently, the municipal corporation must take decisive action to address the current road issues and enhance overall connectivity for the residents.

As the citizens eagerly anticipate resolution and improvements on this vital stretch, they remain hopeful that the municipal administration will prioritize the road’s development and work diligently to find a resolution to the boundary disputes.

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