Pune News | From Employee to Entrepreneur! The Inspiring Journey of Bhausaheb Navale Who Earns 2.5 Crore Per Annum


Pune News | Maval taluka, Maharashtra: While many dream of working abroad to earn a handsome salary, Bhausaheb Navale’s story took a unique turn as he chose to follow his heart and start a nursery business in his homeland. Leaving behind a lucrative job with a salary of 2.5 lakh rupees, Navale embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has transformed his life and touched the lives of many others.

Originally from the native village of Akola taluka Kumbhefal, Bhausaheb Navale holds a B.Sc Ag degree and boasts an impressive career of 25 to 30 years in his field. Having worked in Ethiopia, where he was earning a substantial salary and enjoying all amenities, Navale found himself grappling with a sense of longing for his motherland India. It was during this contemplative phase that he began pondering over the possibility of starting a business in India.

Leaving behind a well-paying job in Ethiopia, Navale returned to Maval taluka, specifically Talegaon MIDC, and laid the foundation of his nursery business named ‘Green and Beums.’ Armed with a decade of experience in polyhouse farming and rose production gained during his time in Ethiopia, Navale was well-equipped to embark on this new venture.

However, his decision was put to the test when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, leaving countless lives and careers in shambles. Undeterred, Navale persevered through the challenging times and steered his nursery business towards success. What began as a modest enterprise comprising 27 units has now grown exponentially to span an entire acre.

Today, Bhausaheb Navale’s nursery boasts a diverse range of 100 to 700 plant species, making it highly sought-after across the country. The nursery’s turnover has surged to an impressive two and a half to three crore rupees annually, a remarkable feat achieved amidst the backdrop of a pandemic.

Not only has Navale transformed his own life, but he has also become a source of employment and inspiration for others. With over 20 individuals now working in his nursery, Navale has contributed significantly to the local economy and provided livelihood opportunities during a challenging period of economic uncertainty.

“I left a job worth two and a half lakh rupees due to Corona, but I don’t regret my decision. Starting my own business has been immensely fulfilling, and it has given me a sense of purpose that I never experienced before,” says Navale, reflecting on his journey.

Bhausaheb Navale’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship and the power of pursuing one’s passion. His determination to make a difference in his homeland, even during tumultuous times, serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs across the nation.

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