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Pune: At Yerawada jail, a police constable was viciously assaulted by three inmates with a stick on Sunday, May 6. In this assault, a police constable’s wrist was fractured, and he received minor injuries to the body. In this regard, a case has been registered against three prisoners at Yerawada police station.

The name of the injured police constable is Nanasaheb Marne. Nanasaheb Marne was on duty on Sunday, May 6. Marne was assigned the duty of patrolling the central jail section of the prison, as there was the construction of a stone wall in that section.

At that time, three accused were going from there. When Marne saw them, he immediately stopped them and forbade them from proceeding further, as they might have gotten injured if the stone had fallen on them.

However, enraged by the constable’s blockade, the three accused unleashed a heavy assault on Marne, in which Marne’s hand’s wrist got fractured. Marne was beaten with sticks and kicks by three accused. After the incident, Marne filed a complaint against all three accused. Further investigation is being conducted by Assistant Police Inspector Avinash Ahire.

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