Shama Sikander grooves to classical music for the first time at a live event in Jaipur, enthralls audience with her perfection


As far as the Indian entertainment industry is concerned, Shama Sikander has always proven the fact on numerous occasions that if someone truly decides to conquer their fears and chase new goals and targets, they can achieve it with ease. She’s always followed her heart and never let anyone else dictate terms in her life, something which is seriously worthy of learning and admiring. While she’s proven herself and established her niche as an actress on numerous occasions, not many were perhaps aware of the fact that she’s also quite stupendous and awe-inspiring when it comes to grooving to classical music. Yes that’s right readers. While Shama perhaps knew about this talent of her’s quite well, she decided to put this forward in front of the whole world recently.

Shama Sikander was seen grooving to classical music on-stage for the first time during a live show performance at Jaipur and she managed to have a flabbergasting impact on the audience with her prodigious performance. Shama was seen dolled up in a classic and embellished lehenga choli avatar and the look gave us some serious ‘anarkali vibes’. The diva took to her social media handle to share some candid snaps from her live act and wrote,

“All that an artist wishes for is an audience enjoying and appreciating their performance 🎭 with them… that was my experience in my last Stage Show in Jaipur, seeing Such enthusiastic crowd the cheers and hearing the “Once More” is all i aimed for🙏🏻 what a fantastic moment to have experienced 😇🙏🏻 #gratitude to all of you for your appreciation and love ❤️ you can see the joy on my face ☺️”. Check out the snaps below –

With this brilliant dance performance, Shama Sikander has truly proven the fact that there’s no point limiting yourself to things when you are made for a lot more. Her performance is a classic validation of the fact that an artiste truly never stops learning and if he or she wishes, they can truly make heads spin with their respective form of art as per their own whims and fancies. Kudos to Shama for putting up such a sensational act in Jaipur and after this, the audience is certainly going to hope and wish that they get to see a lot more of these live performances from Shama’s end in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates.

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