Ajit Pawar | Banner in Baramati Displaying Ajit Pawar with Senior BJP Leaders Creates Buzz

Pune : Ajit Pawar | Following the recent dramatic power shift in the state, BJP workers in Baramati…

ByBynageshsuryaJul 3, 2023

Ajit Pawar | Sharad Pawar’s photo missing from Ajit Pawar’s banners; Speculation rife in Baramati

BARAMATI : Ajit Pawar | A flutter was created in the politics in the state after Ajit Pawar’s…

ByBynageshsuryaJul 3, 2023

Pune-Solapur Highway Accident | Road Safety Concerns Grow as Accidents Mount on Pune-Solapur Highway

Pune: Pune-Solapur Highway Accident | The occurrence of road accidents has witnessed an escalation on the Pune-Solapur highway…

ByBynageshsuryaJun 29, 2023

Radhika Milind Shah (Wagholikar) Baramati | Dr Radhika Shah of Baramati to guide surgeons and dieticians regarding diet of extremely obese people at US conference

BARAMATI : Radhika Milind Shah (Wagholikar) Baramati | Radhika Milind Shah (Wagholikar) of Baramati has been selected to…

ByBynageshsuryaJun 23, 2023
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