All leaders in INDIA have ambition to become PM: Manoj Tiwary


Patna, Dec 19 (UNI)- BJP MP Manoj Tiwary on Tuesday said all leaders in newly floated opposition alliance INDIA have ambition to become PM.

Tiwary told media persons here that everyone in INDIA was dreaming to become PM in next Lok Sabha elections. All were highly ambitious and very personal in their approach, so there was no chance for leaders of INDIA to remain united, he pointed out.

” Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Prasad Yadav could be seen in different hoardings erected separately for them”, BJP leader remarked sarcastically. No one had concern for poor of the country, he remarked.

Tiwary said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi always thought for poor and cared for them. A Congress leader Dheeraj Shahu was in news for recovery of huge amount of Rs 500 Crores from his house, he further said adding that the incident was reflection of the fact how opposition leaders had looted public money and remained indulged in corruption.

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