Malshiras: Farmers from Rise-Pise, Pandeshwar have called for a meeting of all farmers and villagers at Rajuri after the Airport of India gave in-principle approval for an international airport in Purandar taluka. Reportedly, farmers do not want to give up their land for the construction of an airport.

Earlier, seven villages in Pargaon area of Purandar taluka had been fixed land for the airport and necessary permits had been obtained. However, as the farmers here opposed the allotment of land for the airport and at their urging, MLA Sanjay Jagtap suggested a new site at Rise Pise, Pandeshwar, as an alternative site.

Meanwhile, after a government-level inspection of the site, the Airport Authority of India had approved in principle the possibility of setting up an airport in the area in Rise-Pise and Pandeshwar. As a result, farmers in all the four villages are worried and not very happy with the decision.

Many farmers are openly saying that our lands are more important to us than airports. Farmers are aggressively saying that under no circumstances will we give an inch of land to the government for an airport and will not allow an airport here. As a result,a the agitated farmers have organized an evening meeting at Rajuri to decide their anti-airport stance, which will decide on the next course of action against the airport.

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