DigiYatra System | DigiYatra system becoming popular: More than 17 lakh use system till June 20


PUNE : DigiYatra System | The DigiYatra service was inaugurated on Dec 1 to simply the process of security checks at the airport. DigiYatra uses facial recognition system to confirm the identity of the passengers. More than 17 lakh people have used the DigiYatra system till June 20. At the same time, the number of people using the DigiYatra app has crossed 10 lakh.


The DigiYatra system has been used maximum times at the Delhi airport. The number of people using this system is 6.48 lakh. It is followed by Bengaluru airport (5.03 lakh ) and Varanasi airport (2.25 lakh). At Pune airport, 1.04 lakh passengers have used DigiYatra. These airports are followed by Kolkata (1.80 lakh), Vijaywada (46,000) and Hyderabad (37,000).


The DigiYatra system started at Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi airports in Last December. Later, the service was started at Vijaywada, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Pune airports. The facility is available at seven airports and is going to be started at other airports soon.


Although the DigiYatra system has started, the earlier system is still in place. Passengers have to choose DigiYatra or the present system. The airport administration wants the maximum number of people to use the DigiYatra system. The system was being used earlier at three airports. From December, the system was started at Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi airports. Pune became the fourth airport to offer this service. The system was started at Kolkata and Vijaywada airports.


Passengers have to download the DigiYatra app on their mobiles and they can keep their ID card and other travel related documents in it. After reaching the airport, the identity of the passenger is confirmed through facial recognition technology. At the same time, passengers’ documents are also verified. This reduces the waiting time of passengers and they can reach the aircraft faster.


On June 20, the number of people using the DigiYatra system has crossed 10 lakh. Of them, Android users are 8.66 lakh and they have given 4.1 rating for the app. IOS users are 1.54 lakh and they have given 4.1 ranking for the system.


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