Pune Crime News | Driver's Untimely Demise; Prudent Actions Spare Commuters from Catastrophe
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Pune : Pune Crime News | In a fortunate turn of events, a container driver on his way to Mumbai took a wise decision when he felt unwell, ultimately averting a potential disaster. Sadly, the driver passed away shortly after parking the container safely.


The deceased driver has been identified as Ismail Shah, a 45-year-old resident of Mumbai. The container, bearing the registration number MH 40 BM 0248, was en route from Bhigwan to Mumbai. Upon reaching Somnath Nagar on Nagar Road on Thursday morning, Shah began experiencing discomfort. Despite limited parking space available, he skillfully maneuvered the container to the side of the road before succumbing to his condition.


The unexpected obstruction caused by the parked container during the morning rush hour led to traffic congestion. Police officers were called to the scene to manage the situation and began questioning the driver’s assistant. It was then that they discovered Ismail Shah’s unfortunate demise, according to the airport police.


Further details regarding the cause of death remain unknown and will only be determined following a postmortem examination. The sudden passing of Ismail Shah has left authorities investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.


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