Pune Municipal Commissioner Faces Backlash for Accusing Residents of Overconsumption of Water


Pune: Pune Municipal Commissioner’s recent statement has sparked outrage among local residents, as the commissioner recently made a statement regarding the higher usability of per-person water in Pune. Residents, who were facing extreme hardships to get enough water to manage their daily household activities, have now expressed their anger at the commissioner’s statement.

When commissioner Dr. Rajendra Bhosale had been asked about irregularities in Pune’s much of the area, commissioner putting the statistics of water usability said, “Though it has been decided 150 litres of water per day for consumption per person, Punekars have been using around 270 litres of water per day per person,” citing overuse of water by citizens. After this, many people have openly expressed their resentment against the commissioner’s statement.

The water scarcity problem has been acute this summer. Many people are struggling to get two buckets of water every day. To further add to their woes, the water supply is being interrupted by PMC in many parts of the city. As the summer is proceeding and people are facing problems receiving daily water supplies, many residential societies have been calling tankers to meet their water needs.

However, the statement made by the new Municipal Commissioner, Dr. Rajendra Bhosle, has made the citizens of Pune angry. Expressing frustration on behalf of the people of Pune, Neha Mule, a resident of Hadapsar, said that since the commissioner is new, he must not be aware of reality. His bungalow has plenty of water, so he never wakes up at night for water.

When the commissioner was asked about whether he would demand an increased water quota for Pune from the Water Resources Department, he said, “Not only Punekars have the right to the water in the dam,” showing his disagreement to demand an increased water share for people. Therefore, in the coming time, it seems difficult for Punekar’s to get enough supply of water, at least till monsoon.

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