Pune: Ajit Pawar can’t live without power: Rohit Pawar


Pune: NCP (SP) MLA Rohit Pawar has launched a broadside against NCP (AP) President Ajit Pawar. He said, “Ajit Pawar cannot live without power. He was planning to join hands with the BJP from 2019. There was an unwritten agreement that there would be no interference in Pune district.”

Rohit Pawar was speaking in Indapur. Rohit Pawar said, “Ajit Pawar was planning to go with the BJP from 2019. This is what his relatives said. He was planning to desert the NCP five years ago. Dada cannot live away from power. Dada and his party leaders cannot live without power. There was an unwritten agreement that there would be no interference in Pune district. Hence, we were not paying much attention.”

‘BJP leaders issuing threat, we will expose their corruption’

Speaking about Sonai Dairy Chairman and Sharad Pawar’s close aide Pravin Mane, Rohit Pawar said, “Pravin Mane has a business. Sharad Pawar helped him in the interest of farmers. Ajit Pawar and Devendra Fadnavis threatened him. He was frightened. Some local people have captured the election. But Supriya Sule will win. You know why all those people left the NCP (SP). BJP leaders are threatening them that their confidential details would be published. The Mohite family decided to come back.”

‘Supriya Sule will be elected and not Sunetra Kaki’

Rohit said, “The INDIA bloc will form the new government. Supriyatai will be elected and not Sunetra Kaki. People don’t trust Ajit Pawar because he has left Saheb (Sharad Pawar). I want to ask Ajit Pawar how many people liked Ajit Pawar’s move?”

‘My mother filed nominations under Sharad Pawar’s guidance’

Rohit Pawar’s mother Sunanda Pawar has filed supplementary nominations from the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. It is a precautionary measure. Laxman Khabiya took the supplementary form for Sunanda Rajendra Pawar. Rohit said, “My mother is also an outsider in the Pawar family. Saheb has told her to submit the supplementary nominations. Ajit Pawar shares a different political view. We work as a family. Dada distanced himself from the family. This is a fight for ideology.”

‘Dictatorship in the Maha Yuti’

Rohit Pawar said, “We are claiming that our 35 candidates will be elected. We have not claimed that all 48 will win. We solve issues through discussions. But in the Maha Yuti, they take orders. They believe in dictatorship.”

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