Pune News | Real Estate Developers to Face Fines for Non-Compliance with MahaRera's QR Code Directive
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Pune: Pune News |  Starting from August 1, MahaRERA (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority) has mandated that developers must prominently display the MahaRERA number and QR code on all advertisements related to housing projects, including websites. Failure to comply will result in fines up to Rs 50,000 for developers.

The introduction of QR codes is a significant step towards making project information easily accessible. Previously, individuals had to remember the RERA number and search for project details on the MahaRERA website. With QR codes, all relevant information will be available with just one click, eliminating the need to remember any numbers.

MahaRERA urges customers to cooperate in implementing this decision, which began with QR codes being issued for newly registered projects in March. Now, full implementation will begin from August 1.

Developers have been using various media platforms to promote their projects, and the new regulation mandates the inclusion of the MahaRERA number, website, and QR code on all advertisements. This ensures potential homebuyers have easy access to vital project information.

The QR code will provide comprehensive details about the project, including the developer’s name, expected completion date, registration date, existence of any complaints, project approvals, and more. This user-friendly feature will empower customers to make informed investment decisions in housing projects.

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