Pune News | Sinhagad Road: Thief breaks lock of temple but alert residents foil his robbery plan


Pune: Pune News | An attempt to steal an idol, puja items and other goods at Shiv Nagar in Kirkatwadi on Sinhagad Road by breaking open the lock of the temple was foiled by alert citizens.

A robber, hailing from another state, was nabbed as he was running with a sack containing various items and was handed over to the Haveli police. The accused has been identified as Suraj Lala Yadav (23), a resident of Khadakwasla and hailing from Chhattisgarh and an FIR has been registered against him at the Haveli police station.

A temple of Shri Swami Samarth is located on the premises of Amruta Vihar Society at Kirkatwadi. A costly idol, puja utensils and other items were in the temple. After a pooja is performed in the morning every day, the temple is locked. The robber, Suraj Yadav, came to the society at 4 pm and broke the lock of the temple without arousing suspicion. He put all the items in a sack and started walking towards the main gate.

When some residents questioned him, he said he was taking away garbage. After they told him to stop, he started running. At that time, Goutam Mane, Kiran Dasvadkar, Santosh Raikar, Shobhachand Jadhav, Manisha Bandal, Pravin Rokde, Ashok Ubale, Vilas Mate, Dhananjay Mate and other youths started chasing him. When he was running from Kolhewadi Chowk to Khadakwasla village, he was caught and handed over to the police. An FIR has been registered at the Haveli police station. Further action is being taken under the advice of officer in charge of Haveli police station, IPS Anmol Mittal.

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