Pune PMC News | Air Force Alerts Municipal Corporation on Security Risk at Lohegaon Airport
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Pune : Pune PMC News | The Air Force has alerted the Municipal Corporation of Pune about unauthorized constructions in the protected area of Lohegaon Airport. The Air Force has said that these unauthorized constructions have raised security concerns for the airport and the bomb yard located nearby.


The Air Force has informed the Municipal Corporation that there are restrictions on construction in the area from one hundred to nine hundred meters from Lohegaon Airport. However, unauthorized plotting has been taking place in the Forest Park area, which comes within nine hundred meters from the bomb yard.


They have asked the Municipal Corporation to take action against the unauthorized constructions. The Municipal Corporation has said that it will inspect the area and take appropriate action.


In addition to the unauthorized constructions, the Air Force has also raised concerns about the drainage system in the Forest Park area. They said that a large natural stream has been extinguished during the unauthorized plotting. The Air Force has asked the Municipal Corporation to restore the drainage system.


Meanwhile, the engineer of the construction department of the municipality has inspected the place and issued a notice to the concerned constructions. Executive Engineer Rohidas Gavane said that action will be taken against them.


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