Pune : Vadgaon Sheri MLA Sunil Tingre Urges Metro Connectivity to Pune Airport, Extension of SRA Scheme for Slum Dwellers


Pune: During a recent session in the Legislative Assembly, Sunil Tingre, MLA of Vadgaon Sheri, vocalised the need for enhanced transportation infrastructure in Pune, particularly advocating for the integration of the metro network with Pune Airport. Tingre’s remarks came during discussions on Resolution 293, where he emphasised the importance of extending metro connectivity to facilitate seamless travel for passengers.

Highlighting the success and growing popularity of the metro network in Pune, Tingre underscored the need to address the existing gap by connecting the metro line to Pune Airport. Despite the extensive coverage of the metro network, with key areas like Shivajinagar, Pune Station Railway Station, and Swargate ST Stand already connected, the absence of a direct link to the airport poses challenges for passengers, especially those travelling to and from the airport.

Expressing his concerns, Tingre urged the government to prioritise the extension of the metro line to Pune Airport, drawing parallels with international cities where direct metro facilities from airports are commonplace. He emphasised that such an initiative would greatly enhance the convenience and accessibility of transportation for passengers.

In addition to advocating for improved transportation infrastructure, Tingre also addressed the need to extend the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) scheme to benefit slum dwellers. While acknowledging the positive impact of the SRA scheme in providing rightful housing to slum dwellers until 2011, Tingre urged the government to consider amending the rules of the scheme to include slum dwellers until 2024.

Tingre emphasised the importance of ensuring that slum dwellers, whose families have expanded over the years, are not left behind and receive equitable housing opportunities under the SRA scheme.

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