Pune ACB Trap | Sub-Divisional Officer of Water Resources Dept walks into the ACB trap while accepting Rs 3.5 lakh bribe
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Pune: Policenama online  – Pune ACB Trap | A Sub-Divisional Officer of the Water Resources Department was nabbed red-handed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for accepting Rs 3.5 lakh by demanding a bribe of Rs 7 lakh. He threatened to take action against a developer for levelling the land inside the flood line. (Pune ACB Trap)


The name of the accused is Tulshidas Ashru Andhale (57). He is working under the sub-division Karanjvihire, taluka Khed of the Bhama-Askhed irrigation management. The complainant is a developer. He is conducting the levelling and development of a land at Koliye of Khed taluka. Andhale visited and inspected the complainant’s site. Andhale told the complainant that the levelling and development work was conducted inside the flood line, which had attracted action. Then Andhale demanded a bribe of Rs 7 lakh not to take action and told him to get Rs 3.5 lakh at the petrol pump near Modi Baug on Ganeshkhind road on Friday.


Thus, a trap was set at the petrol pump by PI Sandeep Varhade, PI Pravin Nimbalkar, police constables Sachin Vaze, Chetan Bhavari, Riyaz Shaikh, and Damodar Jadhav under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Amol Tambe and Addl Superintendent of Police Suraj Gurav.


Andhale was nabbed as he accepted the said bribe and was about to cross the road. An offence has been registered at the Shivajinagar police station and he has been arrested.


PI Varhade is investigating the matter.


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