Pune Police Crime News | Calls made from DG Control to Pune City Control Room about illegal activities in city; CP tells DCPs to conduct cross raids
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PUNE : Policenama online  – Pune Police Crime News | Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr and Joint CP Sandeep Karnik have issued orders to senior police inspectors and senior officials to demolish gambling dens and illicit hooch joints. However, calls are being made from DG Control to Pune City Control Room about such illegal activities in Pune. (Pune Police Crime News)


Hence, the CP and Joint CP have given instructions about carrying out cross raids in the monthly crime meeting held at police commissionerate on Thursday. Police commissioner Retesh Kumaarr has given an indication that action will be taken against non performing officials including Sr PIs, ACP, DCP and if necessary Addl CPs.


“Calls are being made from DG control to Pune city control room that at some places, the business of gambling dens and illegal hooch joints is booming. This is unfortunate. Hence, all senior PIs should take concrete steps to stop these illegal activities. The DCPs should carry our cross raids. DCPs should take help of policemen from outside the zone and act against gambling dens and hooch joints,” Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr said.


CP Retesh Kumaarr gave a dressing down to senior PIs of Loni Kalbhor, Warje Malwadi, Uttam Nagar and Khadki police stations. Each officer was specifically questioned. A woman had been killed in limits of Loni Kalbhor police station by a man who had been released from the Yerawada Jail. The police had not taken preventive action against him.

Some people with criminal background from Warje Malwadi police station limits had committed a serious offence in Uttam Nagar police station limits. When the CP came to know that preventive action had not been taken, he questioned senior PIs of Uttam Nagar and Warje Malwadi police stations. The CP asked them what action they had taken and told them not to have a dispute about jurisdiction. Incidents of crime has increased in Khadki. The CP questioned the PI of Khadki police station after he came to know that preventive action has not been taken.

CP Retesh Kumaarr said that action will be taken against incompetent senior PIs and incompetent ACPs and DCPs. He also indicated that if necessary, action may be taken against Addl CPs.


The CP has suggested that notorious criminals should be jailed for a few days in a year to control the crime rate. After preventive action is taken against notorious criminals, instead of taking a bond from him, he should be sent to jail under MCR, the CP has suggested. He said that if instructions had been followed, criminal incidents in Loni Kalbhor,


Uttam Nagar and Khadki police stations would not have taken place. Police officers should coordinate with each other rather arguing about jurisdiction. PIs should take stern measures to take preventive action against criminals. Officials should take measures to prevent serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder etc. These measures will definitely help in controlling the crime, the CP said.


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