Pune: Baramati Lok Sabha constituency is among the few fiercely contested Lok Sabha seats for the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. Because this is the first time, two members of the Pawar family are contesting the election against each other. This election is furthermore special because it is said that though Supriya Sule and Sunetra Pawar are contesting the election, the real fight is between Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar.

After the split in the Nationalist Congress Party, Ajit Pawar and his supporting MLAs formed a coalition with Shiv Sena and the BJP and became part of the Shinde-Fadnavis government. After that, this is the first public election in which both leaders will try to win the maximum number of seats and create the narrative that the original party belongs to them. And for this, the Baramati Lok Sabha seat is a matter of prestige for both of them.

However, there is an interesting twist to it. According to some rumours, though there is a clear indication of a split within the NCP, few people believe that this is another plan of senior Pawar and that both leaders may come together in the future. Amidst this, when Ajit Pawar asked about possible reconciliation with Sharad Pawar, he raised more suspicion by saying, “Let’s finish the May 7 election. After that, I will tell you.”

Though, on paper, both sides have separate existences in terms of party symbols and party workers, in reality, they are meeting with each other at a relative’s house and some industrialist’s house. After this, rumours started coming about their possible reconciliation.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Ajit Pawar participated in ABP Majha’s program. At that time, when he was asked about it, Ajit Pawar replied, “Let the election of May 7 finish. After that, I will decide. Till then, I cannot comment on it.”

As Ajit Pawar does not clearly say no, people are confused about their standing and their commitment.

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