Pune News: EVMs can be manipulated, says IT expert Madhav Deshpande

PUNE:  Policenama online – Pune News | IT expert Madhav Deshpande said that the EVM machine has been developed by a human being and the settings can be changed. If two buttons are pressed instead of one, the vote will go to a particular person. Hence, citizens should ask the EC to carry out an audit of EVM machines. (Pune News)

Marathi Vidnyan Parishad had organised a lecture on EVMs at the SM Joshi auditorium. Deshpande gave a demonstration of the EVM machine. He also showed how settings can be manipulated. He said machines had been made by human beings and they can be tampered with. To prevent this, EVMs should be modern and it should have a mention of the starting date. It should be visible on the online server. There should be a record of when the first vote was cast by which individual. If a voter wants to check whether the vote cast by him has gone to the right individual, it should be visible in the machine. If this happens, then we can say that voting was held in an impartial manner. One out of 10 machines can be manipulated. It is not necessary to do it in all the machines. Hence, citizens should do a follow-up on this issue with the EC.

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