Pune News | If cultural centres are controlled by government, they don’t function in a proper manner, says Paresh Rawal


Pune: Policenama online – Pune News | Veteran actor Paresh Rawal said that a platform for staging plays and cultural centres should be built. “It will be good if the centres are independent because if they are built with government money, then they don’t function in a proper manner,” he said. The foundation of a theatre, ‘Shriram Lagoo Rangavakash’ was laid on Tilak Road on behalf of Maharashtra Cultural Centre by Paresh Rawal. The Rangavakash is located in the Rangalay building of Maharashtra Cultural Centre. Veteran actor Dr Mohan Agashe and Deepa Lagoo were present. (Pune News)

Shriram Lagoo Rangavakash will be a modern platform where plays can be organised in three different ways. This will enable writers, actors and directors to showcase their talent in a different manner. Dr Agashe said, “When a play is to be performed, it needs space. If he presents art, it becomes a theatre. Accordingly, Shriram Lagoo Rangavakash is being built accordingly. This is being done to maximise the available space. Earlier, there were only two theatres in Pune. Now, there are many but it has become difficult to go there. The producers and directors of the plays are facing different problems. We will overcome these problems and present plays.”

Paresh Rawal said, “The Marathi theatre, literature, culture is very rich. If I was working in Marathi plays, I would have become richer because Marathi literature is outstanding. The theatre has a very rich heritage. I would have been able to know the literature and writers and that would have been an enriching experience.”
“When GST was imposed on plays, I made a lot of efforts to cancel it. But nothing happened. Then I met Sharad Pawar. He asked me to speak with Arun Jaitley. A meeting was fixed. I and Sharad Pawar met Jaitley and we had discussions for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, Jaitley issued an order. I asked Pawar how this could be done despite him not having a majority. Pawar said, “This is necessary to protect our art and culture.” After listening to this, I realised that as long as Maharashtrians are there, theatre will be protected and it will flourish in the state.”

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