Pune: Ruby Hall Clinic Partners with FUJIFILM with its First-Ever CAD EYE AI System in Pune to Detect Early GI Cancer


This collaboration with FUJIFILM of cutting-edge CAD EYE AI System will help in the early detection and prevention of Gastrointestinal Cancer

Pune: Ruby Hall Clinic, in collaboration with FUJIFILM India, proudly announces the installation of its first-ever, state-of-the-art CAD EYE Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, a ground-breaking technology designed to enhance the early detection of gastrointestinal (GI) cancers. This collaboration pioneered by Dr. Nitin Pai, Director of Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy at Ruby Hall Clinic and Pune GI Private Limited, marks a significant milestone in Pune’s healthcare landscape.

The introduction of the CAD EYE AI system in Pune is a pivotal development, addressing a pressing concern in the region. Pune, akin to several parts of India, confronts a rising threat, with gastric cancer ranking as the fifth most prevalent cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths globally in 2020, as per a Lancet study. The burden is exacerbated by inadequate cancer treatment infrastructure and limited systematic studies in India. Stomach cancer incidence has steadily risen in the past decade, with India exhibiting a comparatively higher rate than many Western countries. Consequently, early detection becomes a crucial tool in combatting these life-threatening diseases, and with the help of CAD EYE AI, the burden of GI cancer in India can be reduced to a greater extent.

The CAD EYE system introduced in Pune employs advanced AI algorithms and real-world data to assist in the identification and characterization of suspected lesions during colonoscopies. Additionally, it excels in detecting early gastric flat lesions in gastrointestinal endoscopy, addressing a critical need in a region burdened by increased occurrence rates of esophageal, stomach, liver, and colorectal cancers. By boosting diagnostic accuracy and improving adenoma detection rates, CAD EYE enables timely intervention and increases the chances of successful treatment.

Dr. Purvez Grant, Chairman and Managing Trustee of Ruby Hall Clinic, stated “The installation of CAD EYE AI at Ruby Hall Clinic and Pune GI Private Limited marks a momentous occasion, not just for the hospital but for Pune, as a whole. It signifies a dedication to providing cutting-edge technology to all our patients and provides renewed hope in the fight against GI cancers.

Mr. Behram Khodaiji, Group CEO of Ruby Hall Clinic, added “The potential of AI-enabled endoscopy in preventing serious and life-threatening conditions like stomach and colon cancer by screening for them at the pre-cancerous stage is a crucial juncture at Pune. I am extremely grateful to the healthcare team and all involved in making this installation possible, ushering in a new era of medical excellence where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care for the benefit of patients.

Dr. Prasad Muglikar, Medical Director at Ruby Hall Clinic, “The arrival of CAD EYE AI marks a significant milestone in Ruby Hall Clinic’s ongoing mission to provide our patients with access to the most advanced and effective medical technologies available. Not only will this revolutionary system enhance our diagnostic capabilities for GI cancers, but it also promises to play a crucial role in preventive healthcare through targeted screening initiatives. We are confident this technology will be instrumental in saving more lives and improving the overall well-being of our community”

Dr. Nitin Pai, Director of Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy at Ruby Hall Clinic Pune expressed his enthusiasm stating, “This is a huge milestone to install the first-ever Artificial Intelligence system CAD EYE in Pune. This achievement is not merely a technological advancement but a testament to our dedication to improving healthcare outcomes for our community. With this technology innovation, we are poised to elevate the standard of care in gastrointestinal health, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses that are crucial in the fight against cancer.

The installation of CAD EYE AI at Ruby Hall Clinic and Pune GI Private Limited is a beacon of hope, not just for patients battling GI cancers, but for the entire Pune community. It represents a bold commitment to technological innovation, compassionate care, and a proactive approach to disease prevention. With this landmark step, Ruby Hall Clinic has rewritten the story of GI healthcare in Pune, etching a new chapter in the fight against cancer and setting the stage for a healthier, brighter future for generations to come.

About Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic is the flagship multi-disciplinary hospital of Grant Medical Foundation. Based in Pune, it has been recognised for its’ 8 NABH certifications and accreditations in healthcare provided by the Quality Council of India, the ‘Best Organ Transplant Centre’ by the Government of India and ‘Best Medical Tourism Facility’ by the President of India. Serving the community since 1959, Ruby Hall Clinic is a family of 4000 doctors and support staff, and a system of 3 hospitals with 850 beds, 24 diagnostic centres and an array of other health services.

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