Pune: Young Man Ends His Life by Hanging After Extortion and Blackmail Threats


Pune: A 25-year-old man identified as Nilesh Masaji Bansode, a resident of Kirkatwadi, Taluka Haveli, took his own life by hanging in a hotel room. The incident, which sent shockwaves through the community, revealed a grim tale of exploitation and mental harassment, leading to a case of abetment to suicide registered against Vikas Bhadkumbe and a woman by the Haveli police.

The devastating sequence of events unfolded on February 3 at Hotel Namaskar in Kirkatwadi, as disclosed by Mahavir Masaji Bansode, Nilesh’s brother, in his complaint filed with the Haveli Police Station (G. Reg. No. 23/24). According to Mahavir, Nilesh, who had travelled to Pune a few months ago, became entangled in a complicated relationship with a married woman from their village, currently residing in Kirkatwadi.

Despite repeated warnings from Mahavir and attempts to distance himself from the woman, Nilesh found himself embroiled in turmoil. Matters worsened when Nilesh discovered that the woman was also involved with Vikas Bhadkumbe, further exacerbating the mental anguish and financial strain he endured.

Due to the repeated demands of extortion and mental torture, on February 3, Nilesh was discovered by authorities, having taken his own life by hanging in his hotel room. A suicide note found in Nilesh’s pocket shed light on the torment he faced, explicitly stating that the woman and Vikas Bhadkumbe had been blackmailing him for money, ultimately driving him to suicide.

In the suicide note, Nilesh pleaded for justice, urging authorities to hold those responsible for his suffering accountable. Following Nilesh’s cremation, Mahavir bravely stepped forward and filed a formal complaint against the woman and Bhadkumbe for provoking Nilesh for homicide.

In response, the Haveli police have initiated an investigation into the incident, registering a case of abetment to suicide against both the accused.

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