Pune: Today, the voting for the third phase of the Lok Sabha election is taking place. In the third phase, voting for various important seats, such as Satara, Solapur, Madha, Baramati, etc., is taking place. Amidst this, a troubling black-mark incident tarnishing the essence of democracy unfolded in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency on the eve of voting, as individuals were caught red-handed distributing money for election purposes.

The Nationalist Congress Party-Sharad Chandra Pawar (NCP-SP) party leader, Rohit Pawar, posted a video on Twitter where a few individuals were seen distributing money in Bhor Taluka. The NCP-SP leaders accused these people of being activists of the Ajit Pawar group. In this regard, the NCP-SP party’s Baramati city president Sandeep Gujar and youth president Satyavrat Kale have lodged a complaint with the police in this matter.

On the eve of elections in Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, a disturbing incident of voter-buying took place in Amrai and Mujawar Wada areas. Similarly, voters were being threatened. Therefore, an atmosphere of terror has been created in this area. In this background, it has been mentioned in the complaint that the police force should be increased in this area, patrolling should be done, and action should be taken against responsible miscreants.

Meanwhile, MLA Rohit Pawar spoke to reporters when he came to vote in Baramati on Tuesday morning. He said, “Dhan Shakti (money power) was used in all places on the day before polling. Money was found in the car that was broken into at dawn in Bhor Taluka. In Baramati, where no money was ever distributed, a large amount of money was distributed in this election.”

“There was an attempt to use the money on a large scale in this election. But in many places, citizens refused to take the money. Pune Zilla Bank closes at 5 p.m. for all general citizens. But for them, the bank continues till one o’clock. Shockingly, employees of the bank also participated in it,” Ajit Pawar added.

At this time, Rohit Pawar also emphasised that this election in Baramati is going to be like people’s power against money power (Janshakti vs. Dhanshakti).

Rohit Pawar further said that the state government has given Y+ security to some people so that they can do these illegal activities, indirectly referring to Parth Pawar, whom in the last week, the state government provided Y+ security amidst increasing reports of threats to his life.

Rohit Pawar alleged that in Bhor Taluka, the money was distributed by Maval MLA and his supporters. He further alleged that the representatives of sugar factories, which are run by Ajit Pawar, were also seen distributing money on this occasion.

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