Mexico City, Dec 30 (UNI)- At least six people were killed and 26 injured in an attack by an armed group at a party early Friday in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora, local authorities said.

The attack occurred at a “techno-party” in the streets of Ciudad Obregon in the municipality of Cajeme, Gustavo Salas, head of the Sonora Attorney General’s Office, said during a press conference.

He said that although there have been no arrests so far, state military and police authorities have identified the group of assailants.

It was a direct hit against the leader of a criminal group, who “had five arrest warrants for homicide, femicide, illegal deprivation of liberty and criminal association,” Salas said, citing the preliminary investigation.

It also led to collateral attacks against people at the scene, resulting in the death of five others, including three women, he said.

The prosecutor said that security forces at different levels were deployed to Ciudad Obregon to hunt for those responsible, whose actions “will not go unpunished.”

Meanwhile, Beatriz Elena Antillon Rosas, director of the Mexican Social Security Institute Bienestar Hospital, said that of the 26 people injured and treated, four were in serious condition, nine remained hospitalized and 13 were discharged.

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