Ghats Area In Pune | Visiting Ghats? Be Cautious! Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Issues Safety Alerts


Pune: Ghats Area In Pune | As the monsoon season brings heavy rainfall and lush green landscapes to Maharashtra, tourists are flocking to various scenic spots to enjoy monsoon tourism. However, authorities are urging caution and preparation before embarking on these trips. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, along with the Meteorological Department and local administrations, has issued safety alerts to ensure tourists have a safe and enjoyable experience.

After a recent tragic incident in Irshalwadi, Raigad district, where landslides claimed lives, authorities are emphasizing the importance of studying the geography of the chosen destination and staying informed about any potential hazards, such as road blockages due to landslides or debris. By contacting local authorities beforehand, tourists can gather essential information about current conditions and safety measures.

Popular destinations like Mahabaleshwar and Pachgani in Palghar, Thane, Raigad, and Pune districts are witnessing an influx of tourists for monsoon tourism. Additionally, Malshej, Lonavala, Bhaje, Karle, and Koyna Dam are attracting visitors from both within and outside the state. These areas have experienced heavy rainfall in the past few days, making it vital for tourists to exercise caution while exploring.

Ghat Matha, renowned for its scenic beauty during the monsoons, has seen an increasing number of tourists visiting waterfalls and wetlands. However, due to the continuous rain, the roads and trails have become slippery, posing a risk of landslides. Local and district administrations have taken precautions, including putting up warning boards and removing selfie points to ensure tourists’ safety.

Mausumi Kose, Manager of MTDC, advises tourists to stay alert and follow safety guidelines while indulging in monsoon tourism. Awareness and preparedness can make a significant difference during unexpected situations, making the entire experience enjoyable and secure for everyone.

If you are planning a monsoon getaway, remember to keep safety as a priority. Before venturing into nature’s breathtaking landscapes, gather information, and be well-prepared for any potential challenges that may arise during your journey. With proper caution and respect for nature’s unpredictability, you can make the most of your monsoon vacation in Maharashtra.

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